Quando La Notte

Cristina Comencini

Official: Bandaradan will take part in director Cristina Comencini's next movie: "Quando La Notte", with Claudia Pandolfi and Filippo Timi. They will play three songs: Elvis' "Burning Love" and two original waltzes: "Moffette" e "Kokinok". Shooting will start at the beginning of october in Macugnaga, a small town in Verbania province.

Officine Corsare


Officine Corsare's inauguration: parade, show and concert. Special guest: 10.000 people...

La Drogheria


Saturday september 11 2010, 8pm-2am...
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Hamburg: 4 Italians in Germany 2


Old and new friends, some rats in Mark's room and too much beer...
Completely destroyed the accordion, but on the program we are described as a boy-band.

Ferrara 2010


Finally back home, where it all started and where it will all end...
Hotel with view on Este's castle and concerts at the Buskers Garden for three nights.
Corrador Dalì at the trumpet.

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