Street music group Bandaradan was created on february 20, 2002 in Turin (Italy) by a group of distinguished musicians, united by the desire to play freely, acoustically, and everywherely. The lineup is trumpet, accordion, baritone sax and bass drum. After the first experiences on the streets of Turin and a busking tour on the streets of Europe, the proto-bandandaradans establish the broad outlines of their work. They propose an original repertoire inspired by Klezmer, Balkan and Circus music, interspersed with hilarious gags. Their street theater shows combine mime and sound, inspired by the music-comedy style r-humorismo, conceived in the early seventies by Argentine group Les Luthiers. In addition to concert roads, Bandaradan have performed in numerous theater and nouveau cirque shows, street arts festivals, weddings, hen parties and serenades.